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Title: Rainy Day
Shard: #13- Rain
Characters: Miroku, Kagome
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship
Summary: "... please stay."

...Rain Rain... )
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Title: Give Him Time
Shard: #12- Advice
Characters: Miroku, Kagome, Inuyasha
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, Introspective, Friendship
Summary: "... he'll never get it."

Just a Boy )
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Title: Touch
Shard: #15 - Fear
Characters: Mir/Kag (friendship)
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, Introspective
Summary: The terror brought on by that thought was not unknown to the monk.

Touch )

Edit: Ok how many times have I edited this one? I think this is edit #3- ugh -_-'

Thanks for reading!
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Title: A long week
Rating: G
Shard #:  14- Whispers
Pairing: Miroku/Kagome non-romantic
Summary: Sweet Buddha do I miss her when she's gone.

 Long week )

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Title: Worth any pain
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 for the word damn.
Genre: Humor
Couple: Miroku + Kagome, friendly not romantic
Theme: 4- Kiss
Words: 297
Summary: It was everything a kiss should be. Sweet, velvety, warm...


Worth any pain )

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Title: Kanamara
Rating: PG-13 possibly R if you're really puritanical.
Genre: Humor
Couple: Miroku + Kagome
Theme: # 30 - Festival
Words: 1121
Squicks: Talk and umm... tasting? Of reproductive organs, mainly male reproductive organs. Nothing smutty, just lighthearted teasing from the lecher.
Summary: I would but that'll kill the effect. Just read, I promise it's better than my previous shard. Much better.


Kagome licking a what? )


BTW- This festival really does exist, for more info go to this page: http://www.greggman.com/japan/kanamara/kanamara.htm

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Title: Tramp
Claimed Couple: Miroku/Kagome
Theme: #16- Friendship
Squicks: Use of lyrics from Lady and the Tramp: He's a tramp. Not much but some.
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13 for Inu's language, again, not much.
Word Count: 1006
Summary: If he's a tramp, he's a good one! And I’m glad that I can travel his way.


Tramp )


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