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Drabble #4.

Title: Your Tongue is My Enemy
Theme: #12 - advice
Character: Naraku
Words: 200
Summary: Juuroumaru doesn't speak much (as we all know). There might be a reason behind that... (not!serious)

Your Tongue is My Enemy )

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Rei is in a good mood today. Run for your life.

Title: Shi
Claimed Character: Naraku
Theme: #24 – death
Words: 230
Warning: Several character deaths (you can view this fic as AU-ish OR as Naraku’s… er… creepy dream of sorts, ‘cause it’s also possible, now that I think about it).
Summary: Ichi, ni, san and shi mean 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively, but shi can also mean death. It is indeed a very symbolic number.

Shi )

25 Lies

Mar. 30th, 2005 09:38 am
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29 - 1 = 28. ^^

Title: Truth
Claimed character: Naraku
Theme: # 25 - lies
Words: 130
Warnings: none, really...
Summary: Naraku is a strong supporter of relativism.

Truth )

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Yay! 30 - 1 = 29. ^^

Title: Clay Doll
Claimed Character: Naraku
Pairing: Naraku x Kohaku (Sango is also mentioned, but it is not supposed to be an 'implied Naraku x Sango' fic, really).
Words: 205
Theme: #11 - Magic
Squicks: The pairing itself is a BIG FAT SQUICK. I do not support child abuse, but I can see Naraku doing that. Well, in fact, I can see Naraku doing anything that can be categorized as 'evil'. Oh, and there are no actual sex descriptions.

Clay Doll )


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