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Title: A Series of "Once Was" and Wishes
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre: Drama/Angst/Tragedy
Squicks: References to non-con sex/concubines, murder, death, and war. Also bastard!InuPapa.
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #28 - Secrets (actually, it was hard to pick a theme...I had so many that would fit…)
Words: 13,400+ (give or take some edits)
Summary: There once was a woman... Sesshoumaru's mother, a woman only a shadow of what she thinks she should be. And everything she does, everything she believes in, is all tied to that one boy who is almost nothing more than a stranger.

Note: As you can see, this is rather long...and Tenseiga doesn't show up until the end...Also, this isn't how I normally picture InuPapa, but it's nice to step out of the box once or twice.

Due to length, here's the link to FF.net: A Series of 'Once Was' and Wishes

Now watch me wander off to sleep....
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Title: Nothing
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst/Deathfic
Squicks: Blood, odd theories, character deaths, hanging endings
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #25 - Lies
Words: 1,937
Summary: Just because something is new does not make it improved.
Notes: New canon (as in, the newest stuff with Tenseiga, so spoilers)


Nothing )
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Title: Strain
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Squicks: None except this being the thoughts of an inanimate object…
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga and Toukijin)
Theme: #23 - Karma
Words: 166
Summary: A sword's karma, all determined through service to the master.

Notes: I can't believe I gave a samurai-like compulsion to a sword…. (This also relates to newer canon)


Strain )
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Title: Submerged
Rating: PG
Genre: Angsty...
Squicks: OOCness?, run-on sentence galore, and overused symbolism
Couple: Sess Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #13 - Rain
Words: 800-ish
Summary: He hated the damn sword.

Notes: Uh…this came out nothing like the original idea... Okay, so the first half of it kind of did, but then it went downhill from there… Based on someone's idea of Tenseiga = less Sess compassion. I think the story was Duplicity or something to that effect… (damn memory…) Anyway… Sess is so OOC here. In fact, I can't believe I'm posting it here… I may redo it, but want others' opinions first... Critique me, please.

Edit: I crossed out the pitiful whining above (I'm such a baby...). Give me your own opinions. (I only left it so some of the comments below don't seem random...)


Submerged )
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Title: The True Orchestration of Events
Rating: PG
Genre: General/Humor/Satire
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #16 - Friendship
Words: around 720
Summary: Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part…

Notes: I'm working off a scene from the third movie, where Sesshoumaru gets Tenseiga with the note. I've sure you've all seen the picture all ready, but if you haven't you can see it here.

And I just kinda made up the title before I wrote the whole piece, so I don't know how well it fits…


The True Orchestration of Events )
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Title: What He Could Do
Rating: G
Genre: Introspection, angst?
Squicks: none.
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #19 - Jealousy
Word Count: 232
Summary: Oh, what he could do with a sword like that…
Notes: Features Miroku. (This could have gone to any character, I think, but I chose Miroku because I don't think I'd ever write about him for any other shard. And I wanted to…)

What He Could Do )
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Title: The Night It Rained
Rating: PG
Genre: drama/dry-morbid humor
Squicks: Death. Abrupt change in mood.
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #29 - Anniversary (yes, believe it or not. Although the title does blatantly point to another theme…)
Word Count: 2070-ish
Summary: So that sword did have everything to do with Inu-Yasha after all. Figures.
Notes: includes Mama/KagomePapa

The Night It Rained )
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Title: To Live a Life of Failed Lives
Rating: PG
Genre: reflection/angst
Squicks: Vague violent images. Overuse of the word "he".
Couple: Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: # 5 - Memories
Word Count: around 1,150, give or take a few edits.
Notes: Hints at InuPapa/SessMom and InuPapa/Izayoi

Summary: It wasn't one long life. It was hundreds of shorter ones chained together.

To Live a Life of Failed Lives )
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Before I post... --is shamelessly fangirled-- Thanks, everyone, for all the nice comments! I should reply to them individually, but I never really know what to say....

I've really been putting these out, haven't I? I think it's the fault of spring break... That, and if I don't write them now, I'll forget all my ideas....


Title: Legend Says
Rating: PG (or rather "K+"…-_-…)
Genre: Umm…drama? Historical?
Couple: Sess + Swords
Theme: #1 - Legend
Words: 367
Squicks: Mention of religion (though the one in here has never really existed…) Servile worshipping? AU-ishness?
Summary: But they believe him to be there. He is not.

Note: Like mentioned above, religion is kind of used in here. And, although it's in Japan, it doesn't really "feel" Japanese. Sorry about that, but this is based loosely on an semi-AU fiction I wanted to write once, so that might explain it. No strikes against religions intended…


Legend Says )
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Title: A Quick Stroke, Only
Rating: PG for death
Genre: Introspection/Angst/Drama?
Couple: Sess + Swords
Theme: #7 - Longing
Words: 447
Squicks: Character death…
Summary: 'You know you want to,' the insidious voice hissed within his inner ear…

A Quick Stroke, Only )
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Title: Cargo Bay
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Genre: Strange humor…
"Couple": Sess + Swords (Tenseiga, Toukijin)
Theme: #26 - Travel
Word Count: 849
Summary: Toukijin hates traveling. Especially when it's with Tenseiga. It really sucks being a sentient, inanimate object.
Note: This is…a very strange dialogue, mostly. Be forewarned. Takes place post series/future.

Cargo Bay )
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Title: Until It Means Nothing
Rating: G! There is nothing squicky, or swear-y here…
Genre: Introspective
Chosen "Couple": Sess + Swords (Tenseiga)
Theme: #9 - Sunset
Words: around 1,104
Summary: There is much to think of on the ocean-side.
Note: I had more than half of this written before this community started, so it was easy to finish. ^__^

Until It Means Nothing )


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