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 Title: Fearing the Future
 Character/Pairing: Kagura/Kagome
Rating: PG
 Squicks: Yuri, The pairing probably

Shard #17: Soul )
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  Kagome's Weapon
  Rating: PG-13 for subject matter and some cursing
  Squicks: Yuri, Gross Subject Matter, Ridiculous Silliness on the Author's part
  Summary: Kagura finally understands Naraku's fear of Kagome and perhaps the women half of the human race in general.

Kagome's Weapon )
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1. Title: Little Things in :Life

2. Character/Pairing: Kagura/Kagome

3. Rating: PG the usage of the word "damn" and "hell"

4. Squicks: Yuri, Little bit of OOCness on Kagura's part

5. Summary: When Kagura became caught in a vortex of strange power, only to awaken next to the object of her desire, what else could she do to pass the time until they were found? More than one thing crossed her mind but, what the ever strange Kagome had in mind was more than she could really understand. And the wonderous invention called chocolate makes itself known

  Halloween: Sengoku Jidai Style )

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Title: Jealousy

 Pairing: Kagura/Kagome

 Genre: Angst? (More like Anger!Angst)

 Squicks: Yuri References

 Other Info: None really

 Rating: PG for the usage of the word "damn"

 Word Count: 135

Jealousy )

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  Title: Longing

 Pairing: Kagome/Kagura

 Genre: Humor

 Squicks: Yuri References

 Other Info: None really, excessive silliness on Kagome's part really.

 Rating: G

 Word Count: 359

Longing )

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Title: Gift

Pairing: Kagura/Kagome

Genre: Angst, Romance

Squicks: Yuri references

Other Info: Spoiler for Manga Chapter "Wind"

Word Count: 170

Summary: A gift can be more than a physical thing.

Gift )

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Title: Midnight Visitor
Pairing: Kagura/Kagome
Rating: G
Squicks: Yuri
Word Count: 646
Summary: When night falls and all are sleeping, sometimes unexpected visitors arrive and watch over the unprotected and weary.

Midnight Visitor )


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