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Feb. 25th, 2012 03:48 pm
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Title: Footprints in the Snow
Author ginnekomiko
Prompt: #26 ,Travel

POV:Older! Kai
Rating: K
Word Count:351
Kai doesn't like the cold.
Note: This was originally for[info]iy_unsung_heros so sorry if some of you see this twice. For background, The original series of fics with these guys as children is here  The list for this series is is here 

Footprints in the Snow

He hated the winter months. Food was scarce, everyone was crabby and to top it off, it was stupidly cold.

Everyone dressed in extra furs to protect themselves.

If it was up to him, he wouldn’t be out foraging in this stupid snow.

He was only going to accompany Tsuki.

Besides, it gave them an excuse to be close together, something he wanted desperately since becoming her boyfriend.

The only problem was she wouldn’t take it!

She kept running ahead, leaving him to follow in her sporadic footsteps.

“Come on, Kai-kun!” she called.

She wasn’t even wearing any extra layers.

“Why aren’t you cold?” he demanded.

“I am cold.”


“I’m trying to discipline myself to withstand it.”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her into his extra fur cloak.

“Seriously!  Do you want to freeze to death?”

“But warriors are supposed to be able to withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions! Besides, if I got sick you’d take care of me, right?”

“Of course I would, but I don’t want you to get sick in the first place; I’m sure the army doesn’t, either.”

“Are you going to let go of me anytime soon?”

“Not a chance.”

“Do you like snow, Kai-kun?”

“Not really, it makes it harder to scrape by.”

“I think it’s pretty. I like the quiet it brings, but it does make it harder to find food. I wonder if Aniu will be mad if we come back empty handed?”

“I doubt he was expecting us to bring back much.”

“Do you think we should turn back?”

“Yeah. There’s nothing here but snow.” He removed the cloak.  “Here. You take this.”

“But won’t you be cold?”

“I’ll survive without it for a little while.”

He saw her sniff the air for a moment.

“What do you smell?”


She grabbed his arm.

“Come on! We can catch it!”

Well, as it turned out, the foraging wasn’t a complete waste of time in the end. They did manage to catch the deer. He could have done without the cold he got afterwards, though.


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