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Title: Remembered
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Naraku & Rin
Genre: Romance, Dark
Squicks: not very much, but still, Naraku/Rin. ;) It's been so long since I've written a shard, that it's mostly full of suck.
ETA: My other shards here.

She would have been remembered in a shrine of flowers, her head crowned in the hyacinths that she had loved so much. )
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Title: Hyacinth
Rating: R for underage and sexual implications.
Pairing: Naraku & Rin
Genre: Romance, Dark
Squicks: Pairing alone should be enough, lol. On top of that, watch out for 00Cness! *Trips* Ooops.

Also, 'tis my fourth shard. :)

He is crazy, but he is sure he can feel the goose bumps on her thigh... )
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Title: Smile a Lie for Me
Rating: R, just be safe.
Pairing: Naraku & Rin
Squicks: A not so honest and happy Rin. X___X Oh noooes. Yes, it's all been a lie.
Summary: She gives him a silent look, and he can see that the guilt is there. It is one of her rarest looks.
Word count: 288

The only thing that comes is.. )
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1. Title: Fracture
2. Claimed pairing: Naraku & Rin
3. Rating: pg-13 for blood.
4. Squicks: Rin is seventeen here. ^ ^ And unfortunately, try as I might, this drabble might be fluffy-ish. Urgh.
5. Summary: His next words are so unlike him that it almost makes Rin cry.

Look what he's done... )
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Title: Flowers
Claimed pairing: Naraku & Rin
Rating: R
Words: 410
Genre: Dark / Romance
Summary: "The wind whispers to the flowers quietly, tickling their delicate petals with sweet nothings before their death."
Squicks: Naraku with young Rin, sexual, and slightly disturbing. Also: first time writing Naraku / Rin.

Flowers )


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