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Title- Real Legends
Character/Pairing- Kikyou and Inuyasha
Rating- K
Warning- None
Summary- Canon, shockingly enough. Kikyou’s musings on legends and reality.

With eyes closed and her hand wrapped securely in his, a stray thought drifted into her head. This had all the makings of a legend. All those stories she had listened to growing up... she saw her life reflected in them. She saw the parallels. The young miko falls for the rash and uncouth half demon. It doesn’t matter that their goals are at odds. The similarities draw them together. Each recognizing loneliness in the other, how could they not fall in love?

But legends tend to end tragically, rife with death and betrayal. Kikyou opened an eye and half turned to Inuyasha’s peaceful face. Gold eyes flicked open, inquiring at her movement. “Its nothing.” She assured him in a whispered tone.

“Keh.” The half demon replied softly, squeezing her hand before slipping back into a light doze.

She tried to relax again as well, but rest wasn’t going to return quickly. This isn’t a legend, she told herself. There doesn’t have to be betrayal. Our lives don’t have to live out the tragic plot of legends. The thoughts still pulled at her subconsciousness as she leant back against the tree and she tugged free from his loose grasp.

Legends do not dictate reality.

The worry still remained.
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